Frank Lloyd Wright Research Materials

SERIES 1: Building Research Files

Documentation for individual structures in the series may consist of informational mailings, brochures, newsletters, clippings, correspondence, stationery samples, and/or ephemera. Generally, there are one or two items for each Frank Lloyd Wright project, although the file for the the Henry Neils house contains a large set of drawing reductions.


Titles arranged alphabetically by project or client name; location and date of project is noted.

Folder: AFFLECK: Gregor Affleck House #1 [Bloomfield, Michigan] (1940)

Stationery sample. [Box 17]

See also: Sketches and tracings of preliminary working drawings in Architectural Records, Series 2: Frank Lloyd Wright, Gregor Affleck House.

Folder: ALLEN: Henry J. and Elsie Allen House, later Allen-Lambe House [Wichita, Kansas] (1915)

Newsletter from the Allen-Lambe House Museum and Study Center (1995). [Box 17]

Folder: ANNUNCIATION: Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church [Milwaukee, Wisconsin] (1956)

Photocopy of newspaper article, "Wright Reverence," Milwaukee Journal (July 2, 1989), [Box 17]

Folder: BARNSDALL: Aline Barnsdall House, also known as "Hollyhock House" [Los Angeles, California] (1920/1921)

The Los Angeles Times Magazine (5/20/1990), contains: "The Wright Stuff," by Barbara Thornburg
[pp.30-32] regarding the restoration of Hollyhock House. "Romantic: Frank Lloyd Wright," catalog of exhibition of handtinted photographs of Wright buildings by Carol Bishop installed at Hollyhock House Gallery, Barnsdall Art Park (December 4, 1994 to February 26, 1995). Additional miscellaneous mailings, clipping, articles, and ephemera. [Box 17]

See also: Architectural Records, Series 2: Frank Lloyd Wright, 60 Years of Living Architecture Exhibition Pavilion, for exhibit installation on the grounds of the house in 1954.

Folder: BARNSDALL: Spring House For Aline Barnsdall [Los Angeles, California] (1920/1921)

Photographs of original "spring house" water feature at Barnsdall estate; "Spring House for Aline Barnsdall," by Tom Rickard (January 28, 1991), including correspondence to John Geiger; and photocopy of drawing. [Box 17]

Folder: DANA: Susan Lawrence Dana House, now Dana-Thomas House [Springfield, Illinois] (1902)

"Frank Lloyd Wright's Dana-Thomas House: Its History, Acquisition, and Preservation," by Donald P. Hallmark (1990); "Wright in Springfield," publication of the Dana-Thomas House Foundation (June, 1993); and "Dana-Thomas House, Springfield, Illinois" (1989); membership mailing. [Box 17]

Folder: ENNIS: Charles and Mabel Ennis House [Los Angeles, California] (1924)

Invitation to event with Eric Lloyd Wright and Anne Baxter (1984); "Wright Now" newsletter by The Trust for Preservation of Cultural Heritage (1990-1991 [vol. 1, #1-2]); newspaper clippings; photograph of John Geiger at Ennis House (1989). [Box 17]

Folder: FIRST: First Unitarian Society Meeting House [Madison, Wisconsin] (1947)

Architectural Forum reprint from Issue 97 (December, 1952) [pp. 85-92]. [Box 37]

Folder: FREEMAN: Samuel Freeman House [Los Angeles, California] (1923)

"Frank Lloyd Wright's House of Light," USC Trojan Family publication (July, 1968 [vol 20, #6]); "News from the Freeman House" newsletter (Fall, 1991 [#4]). [Box 17]

Folder: GUGGENHEIM: Guggenheim Museum [New York City, New York] (1943/1959)

National Historical Landmark Nomination Registration Form; "Wright Revamped," Architecture magazine (August, 1992), concerning restoration and expansion by Gwathmey, Siegel, & Associate Architects; "Finally Doing It Wright," by Kurt Andersen, Time magazine (July 6, 1992);"Frank Lloyd Wright's Guggenheim Museum: A Historian's Report," by Jack Quinan, JASH (December, 1993); "Guggenheim Plan All Wrong," by Manuela Hoelterhof, Wall Street Journal (March 23, 1987); and other clippings. [Box 17]

Folder: HANNA: Paul and Jean Hanna House [Stanford, California] (1936)

Reprint of "Design Trends" excerpt from Architectural Record, "Frank Lloyd Wright Designs a Honeycomb House"; regarding the Hanna House. [Box 37]

Folder: IMPERIAL: Imperial Hotel [Tokyo, Japan] (1923)

Copy of pages 458-459 from Edith Kermit Roosevelt: Portrait of a First Lady," by Sylvia Jukes Morris (2009). [Box 17]

Folder: JOHNSON: Johnson Wax Buildings [Racine, Wisconsin] (1936)

Publication: Global Architecture [GA]. [Box 38]

Folder: KAUFMANN: Edgar J. Kaufmann House, or "Fallingwater" [Mill Run, Pennsylvania] (1934)

Photocopy of magazine article, "Edgar Kaufmann, Jr. -- Secrets of Wright and Fallingwater," by Brendan Gill (undated); and brochure for reproduction "Fallingwater" furniture licensed by Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. [Box 17]

Folder: LAWRENCE: Lawrence Memorial Library [Bristol, Vermont] (1905)

Manuscript, "The Lawrence Memorial Library;" invitation to restoration event; and correspondence, regarding Mark Heyman (undated). [Box 17]

Folder: LITTLE: Francis W. Little House [Deephaven, Minnesota] (1912)

"Frank Lloyd Wright: The Library from the Francis W. Little House," by Deborah S. Haight and Peter F. Blume, Allentown Art Museum (1978). [Box 17]

Folder: MARIN: Marin County Government Center [San Rafael, California] (1955)

Dedication publication with drawings and address by Frank Lloyd Wright (1962). [Box 17]

Folder: MAY: Meyer S. May House [Grand Rapids, Michigan] (1908)

"The Meyer May House, Grand Rapids, Michigan," with essay by Vincent Scully [publication copyright Steelcase, Inc., which sponsored the restoration project] (1987); "A Prairie Home Interior," reprint from Interior Design (November 1987); additional magazine clippings; one letter to John Geiger (October 12, 1989). [Box 17]

Folder: MONONA: Monona Terrace Convention Center [Madison, Wisconsin] (designed, 1938; built 1998)

Publication: "Monona Terrace Convention Center" promotional pamphlet (1995). Graphical design probably done by Taliesin Architects. [Box 17]

Folder: NEILS: Frieda and Henry J. Neils House [Minneapolis, Minnesota] (1954)

Photocopies of reductions from a working drawings set at the Frank Lloyd Wright archives, with inventory. [Box 17]

Folder: PALMER: William and Mary Palmer House [Ann Arbor, Michigan] (1952)

Photocopy of magazine article: "An Exclusive Look at the Palmer House in Ann Arbor Michigan," by Malise Ruthven (undated). [Box 17]

Folder: PAPPAS: Theodore A. Pappas House [St. Louis, Missouri] (1955)

Publication: No Passing Fancy: a pictorial history, by Bette Koprivica Pappas (1985). [Box 17]

Folder: PENFIELD: Louis Penfield House [Lake County, Ohio] (1953)

Biographical file compiled by client; newspaper clippings, photographs, and manuscript notes. [Box 17]

Folder: PFEIFFER: Annie Pfeiffer Chapel, Florida Southern College [Lakeland, Florida] (1938)

Publication: Global Architecture [GA]. [Box 38]

Folder: POPE: Loren Pope House, later Pope-Leighey House [Alexandria, Virginia] (1939)

Publication: Special Issue on Pope-Leighey House, Historic Preservation, magazine of the National Trust for Historic Preservation (1969). [Box 17]

Folder: UNITY: Unity Temple [Oak Park, Illinois] (1905)

Publications: "The New Edfice of Unity Church," reprint of original brochure for Unity House, Oak Park (1984); and newspaper clipping. [Box 17]

Folder: WELTZHEIMER: Charles Weltzheimer House, later Weltzheimer/Johnson House [Oberlin, Ohio] (1948)

Publication: "Frank Lloyd Wright at Oberlin: The Story of the Weltzheimer/Johnson House," by Athena Tacha. Allen Memorial Art Museum Bulletin (1995) [vol. XLIX, #1]. [Box 17]

Folder: WILLEY: Malcolm Willey House [Minneapolis, Minnesota] (1934)

Correspondence (1/30/2004) from Steve Sikora to John Geiger. [Box 17]

See also: Photographs, 35mm color slides.

Folder: WRIGHT: David Wright House [Phoenix, Arizona] (1952)

"A Hemi-cycle House Above A Patio," Arizona Homes and Gardens (December-January, 1943). [Box 17]

Folder: WRIGHT: Wright, Frank Lloyd - Taliesin Estate, Main House [Spring Green, Wisconsin] (1911)

Newspaper clippings, Taliesin Preservation Commission Report and Recommendations (1989); "Taliesin" (includes Main House, Midway Farm, and other Taliesin Estate buildings); "The Preservation Process at Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin, Spring Green, Wisconsin" (1995): a summary of the Taliesin Preservation Incorporated [TPI; originally Taliesin Preservation Commission] preservation program from 1991-1994. [Box 17-18]

Folder: WRIGHT: Wright, Frank Lloyd - Taliesin Estate, Hillside School [Spring Green, Wisconsin] (1887)

Newspaper clippings, drawing reductions.

See also: Architectural Records, Series 1: John W. Geiger, Study drawings by John Geiger. [Box 18]

Folder: WRIGHT: Wright, Frank Lloyd - Taliesin Estate, Midway Farm [Spring Green, Wisconsin] (1950)

Historic Structure Report (1994), prepared by Jay White, AIA, The Burley Partnership, for the Taliesin Preservation Commission. [Box 18]

Folder: WRIGHT: Wright, Frank Lloyd - Taliesin West [Scottsdale, Arizona] (1938)

Publication: "In the Realm of Ideas: An Interpretive Guide" (1993). [Box 18]

Folder: WRIGHT: Wright, Frank Lloyd - Home and Studio [Oak Park, Illinois] (1897)

Event invitations; Architectural Record reprint (September, 1986), regarding restoration; house souvenir pamphlet; and; Wright Angles magazine (July-August, 1986); and "The Oak Park Home and Studio of Frank Lloyd Wright" [Box 18]; and "The Plan for Restoration and Adaptive Use of the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio" (1977-1978). [Box 37]

Folder: YAHARA: Yahara Boat Club [Buffalo, New York] (designed 1905; built 2006)

"Cudworth Bay, Frank Lloyd Wright, and the Yahara River Boathouse, 1905," by John O. Holzhueter (State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1989); Journal of the Taliesin Fellows (Winter, 1996, Issue 20); and Wisconsin Magazine of History (Spring, 1989) for same essay by Holzhueter. [Box 24]