Frank Lloyd Wright research materials

Series 5: periodicals

Documentation in the Periodicals series consists of scholarly and general interest essays, articles, or news items published in magazines, journals, and newspapers about the life and work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Beginning in the 1940s and continuing until the end of his life, John Geiger retained many publications that featured articles or essays about Wright. The titles in these files represent a bibliography of periodicals that brought the message of organic architecture to the American public across more than half a century. Some of these publications contain drawings that appear in the Geiger database entries.


Folder: Architectural Digest,  March, 1995

Issue contains "Drafting a Role for Women in Architecture," by Thomas S. Hines [pp. 28, 32, 36, 38, 40], regarding Marion Mahony Griffin. [Box 22]

Folders (4): Architectural Forum

Folder: January, 1938 [vol. 68, #1]

Issue devoted to the work of Frank Lloyd Wright; spiral bound. [Box 38]

Folder: January, 1948

Issue devoted to the work of Frank Lloyd Wright; full issue and reprint version with same cover design. [Box 38]

Folder: January, 1951

Reprint from magazine with special graphic design on cover, made to be distributed for an international travelling exhibition of Wright work organized by Oscar Stonorov. [Box 37]

Folder: May, 1958

Issue contains "Frank Lloyd Wright Designs for Baghdad," with commentary by Wright [pp. 89-99]; "What is Architecture?" by Frank Lloyd Wright, from London Lectures, 1939 [p. 100]. [Box 38]

Folders (5): Architectural Record

Folder: July, 1980

Issue contains "Arizona Biltmore, Phoenix, Arizona, Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation" [pp. 116-117]; regarding restoration project led by John Rattenbury. [Box 22]

Folder: November, 1982

Issue contains "The Prairie Style Redux in an Illinois Chapel" [pp. 86-89; regarding the Petite Memorial Chapel restoration by Lisec & Biederman, architects. [Box 22]

Folder: September, 1986

Issue contains "Wright at Home Again," by Douglas Brenner [pp. 118-125]; regarding the restoration of the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio, Oak Park. [Box 22]

Folder: July, 1988

Issue contains "Collecting Frank Lloyd Wright: Vandalism or Public Service?" by David A. Hanks [pp. 67, 69, 71] [Box 22]

Folder: May, 1991

Issue contains "Burnished Jewel," by Anders Nereim [pp. 88-91]; regarding restoration of the Dana-Thomas House by Hasbrouck Peterson Associates, Architects. [Box 22]

Folder: Architectural Review, June, 1900 [reprint, circa 1960s])

Issue contains "The Work of Frank Lloyd Wright," by Robert C. Spencer; large format reproduction by The Prairie School Press; includes fold outs. [Box 37]

Folders (3): Arizona Highways

Folder: May, 1940 [vol. XVI, #5]

Issue contains "Mr. Wright and Taliesin West" [p. 2]; "Mr. Frank Lloyd Wright, The Taliesin Fellowship, and Taliesin West" [pp. 4-15]. [Box 22]

Folder: October, 1941 [vol. XVII, #10]

Issue contains "An Arizona Dwelling by Frank Lloyd Wright," [pp. 6-11]; regarding the Pauson house.
[Box 22]

Folder: February, 1956

Issue contains "Frank Lloyd Wright…Architecture: Organic Expression of the Nature of Architecture," and articles on various Wright houses in Arizona, including Taliesin West, Harold C. Price house, David Wright house, and Benjamin Adel house [entire issue]. [Box 22]

Folder: Design Book Review, Spring, 1990 [Issue 18]

Issue contains "Word Glut: Marketing Frank Lloyd Wright," by Robert Twombly [pp. 61-65], and "Frank Lloyd Wright: An Index to the Taliesin Correspondence," by Anthony Alofsin [p. 66]. [Box 22]

Folder: Echoes, September, 2001 [#37]

Issue contains "Wright the Weaver's Textile Block Houses: Restore or Destroy?" by Ginger Moro [pp. 63-76]. [Box 22]

Folder: Elle Décor, February/March, 1994

Issue contains "Earth, Fire, Water, Sky," by Kathryn Smith [p. 72]. [Box 22]

Folder: Fine Homebuilding, April/May 1986 [#32]

Issue contains "Frank Lloyd Wright's Oak Park Studio," by Don Kalec and Ann Abernathy [pp. 60-66]; regarding restoration of the Wright studio. [Box 22]

Folders (2): Gourmet

Folder: February, 1991

Issue contains "Taliesin: Frank Lloyd Wright's Retreat," by Marilyn Kluger [pp. 70-73, 92, 96]. [Box 23]

Folder: March, 1991

Issue contains "Taliesin West: Frank Lloyd Wright's Arizona Retreat," by Marilyn Kluger [pp. 86-89, 136, 138,140-141]. [Box 23]

Folders (4): Historic Preservation

Folder: July-September, 1976 [vol. 28, #3])

Issue contains "Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio: Homeward Bound" by Paul E. Sprague [pp. 4-8; "Our Wright Houses," by Herbert Jacobs [pp. 9-13]. [Box 23]

Folder: November/December, 1991

Issue contains "Rookery Revival," by Wayne Cable [pp. 54-60, 90-91]. [Box 23]

Folder: November/December, 1993

Issue contains "Self-Portrait," by Eric Oxendorf [pp. 27-33, 96-97, 101-102]; regarding Taliesin, Spring Green; and reprint of article. [Box 23]

Folder: September/October, 1998

Issue contains "Preservation News," with note and image of oak tree from Tea Circle falling on roof of Wright studio wing at Taliesin, Spring Green, Wisconsin [p. 11]. [Box 23]

Folders (2): House and Garden

Folder: April, 1983

Issue contains "The Little House of Frank Lloyd Wright: A New Living Room for the Metropolitan Museum," by Martin Filler [pp. 118-124]. [Box 23]

Folder: February, 1990

Issue contains "Wright in Hollywood," by Pilar Viladas [pp. 78-85], regarding the restoration by film producer Joel Silver of the Storer textile block house in Los Angeles. [Box 23]

Folders (11): House Beautiful

Folder: October, 1954 [vol. 96, #10]

Issue contains "House Beautiful Dedicates This Exhibition to Frank Lloyd Wright [pp. 176-179, regarding "The Arts of Daily Living" exhibition at the Los Angeles County Fair; and "A Room To Be Alone In," [pp. 182-187], regarding house design by John de Koven Hill.

Folder: September, 1955 [vol. 97, #11]

Issued titled "Frank Lloyd Wright: His Contribution to the Beauty of American Life."

Folder: October, 1959 [vol. 101, #10]

Issue titled "Your Heritage from Frank Lloyd Wright." [Box 39]

Folder: February, 1960 [vol. 102, #2]

Contains "Pace Setter of 1960," regarding the J. Ralph Corbett house, John W. Geiger, associated architect. [Box 39]

See also:

Folder: March, 1960 [vol. 102, #3]

Issue contains "The Serene World of the 1960 Pace Setter Pool," [pp. 134-137]; regarding John W. Geiger as associate architect. [Box 40]

Folder: April, 1960 [vol. 102, #4]

Issue contains "A Recognition of the need for Independence," by Curtis Besinger [pp. 144-151]. [Box 40]

Folder: August, 1960 [vol. 102, #8]

Issue on Japanese aesthetics (shibui and wabi sabi). [Box 40]

Folder: September, 1960 [vol. 102, #9]

Issue contains "Lessons We Are Learning From Japan," by Curtis Besinger [pp. 120-125]. [Box 40]

Folder: January, 1963 [vol. 105, #1]

Issue largely devoted to the Hanna House. [Box 40]

Folder: November, 1963 [vol. 105, #11]

Issue contains "Trellised fence turns city front yard into entrance court," regarding Thomas L. Garland house [p. 225]. [Box 40]

Folder: June, 1992

Issue contains "Remembering Mr. Wright," by Jane Margolies [pp. 18-19, 22, 24, 122]; "Architecture's Genius, American's Hero," by Joseph Giovannini [pp. 34,38, 40, 45, 46]; and "Finally, the Guggenheim as Wright Conceived It," by Christine Pittel [pp. 82-88, 134]. [Box 40]

Folders (2): Inland Architect

Folder: September/Oc tober, 1990

Issue contains "A Wright Restoration," by Dennis McFadden [pp. 31-39]; restoration of the Dana-Thomas house. [Box 23]

Folder: May/June, 1991

Issue contains "Wisconsin Prairie Jewel Restored," by Barbara K. Hower [pp. 18, 20]; regarding restoration of Seth Peterson cottage. [Box 23]

Folder: LA Style, January, 1991

Issue contains "Concrete Poetry," by Michael Webb [pp. 87-90]; regarding the Freeman house. [Box 37]

Folder: LIFE, May, 1997

Issue contains "The 1997 LIFE Dream House," by Jenny Allen [pp. 103-107, 110-111, 114, 118, 120]; regarding a house designed by John Rattenbury for Taliesin Architects. [Box 23]

Folders (2): The New Yorker

Folder: May 17, 1953

Issue contains "The Singing Architect," by Paul Griffiths [pp. 98-100]; review of "Shining Brow" opera about Frank Lloyd Wright. [Box 23]

Folder: March 7, 1994

Issue contains "The Suburbanite," by Brendan Gill [pp. 84-87]; review of "Frank Lloyd Wright Architect" exhibit at Museum of Modern Art in 1994. [Box 23]

Folder: Preservation, July/August 2000

Issue contains "Holding Up Fallingwater," by Charles Rosenblum pp. 21-22]; regarding restoration of Kaufmann house. [Box 23]

Folder: Progressive Architecture, November, 1987

Issue contains "Wright Prevails," by Susan Doubilet [pp. 112-117], regarding restoration of the Meyer May House [Milwaukee, Wisconsin]; "The Selling of Frank Lloyd Wright," by Doralice D. Boles [pp. 118-123]; "The First of Its Kind," by Pilar Viladas [pp. 124-127], regarding the Herbert Jacobs House #1; and "Redone Wright," by Thomas Fisher [pp. 128-133], regarding various restorations of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings. [Box 23]

Folder: SAH/CC Review, 1985 [Issue 1]

Issue contains "Truth Against the World: The Psychological and Architectural Odyssey of Frank Lloyd Wright, 1909-1929," by Peter Wrobel [pp. 1-17]. [Box 23]

Folder: Saturday Review, October 4, 1975

Issue contains "Frank Lloyd Wright: The Enduring Presence," by William Marlin [pp. 14-17]; and "Frank Lloyd Wright: An Unpublished Portfolio," by Pedro Guerrero [pp. 18-23]. [Box 23]

Folder: Wisconsin Natural Resources, August, 1992 [vol. 16, #4]

Issue contains "The Wright Touch at Mirror Lake," by Kristin Visser [pp. 9-11]; regarding the Seth Peterson cottage. [Box 23]

Folders (4): Newspaper Clippings (1950s-2000s)

Extensive unsorted collection of newspaper clippings regarding buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright, and may also contain information on the Taliesin Fellowship, Taliesin Fellows, or other aspects of the Taliesin community. [Box 24]