Series 4: 35mm color slides

Documentation consists of __ images, photographed originally in the 1940-1960s as 35mm color slides. John Geiger was an early adopter of color film. Prior to his deployment overseas during World War 2, he purchased dozens of rolls of color transparency stock and recorded his journey through the Pacific war theater. After returning to the United States, Geiger also took care to photograph Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in color during the late 1940s and early 1950s, as well as intimate moments in the life of the Taliesin Fellowship. In addition, he documented his construction supervision of Frank Lloyd Wright's Zimmerman house during 1951-1952. Some images relating to travels in Mexico date from the 1960s. The photographs are shown here as digital images grouped into five subseries according to various areas of subject matter:

Subseries 1: World War 2

Subseries 2: Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings

Subseries 3: Taliesin Fellowship

Subseries 4: General Travel

Suberies 5: Miscellaneous

Suberies 1: World War 2

__ images show the context of John Geiger's miliary service deployment as an aircraft maintenance engineer in various locations across the Pacific theater during World War 2.





Suberies 2: Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings

__images provide color views of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings visited by John Geiger during the 1940s. The series of construction and finished structure 35mm slides of the



Suberies 3: Taliesin fellowship



Suberies 4: General Travel


Suberies 5: Miscellaneous