Frank Lloyd Wright research materials

Series 4: Exhibitions, Auctions, and Dealers

Documentation in the Exhibitions, Auctions, and Dealers series relates to the exhibition of and trade in Frank Lloyd Wright drawings, books, memorabilia, and ephemera from 1940 to the mid-1990s. Most folders contain programs, catalogs, and sales brochures. These publications were often sources of information that Geiger entered into his comprehensive database inventory of Frank Lloyd Wright project drawings. In addition, Geiger consulted with dealers about selling items from his own library and collection of Wrightiana. He also retained promotional materials related to significant scholarly publications of Wright drawings. Some of the files contain useful references to rare Wright objects, books, ephemera, or other memorabilia.


Folder: Museum of Modern Art (1940)

Object list for exhibition (11/9/1940) [Box 19].

Folder: "Frank Lloyd Wright: Architectural Drawings and Decorative Art [Archtekturzeichnungen und Innendekoration]" (1985)

Catalog publication to accompany travelling exhibition in London, Frankfurt, Zurich, and Vienna. [Box 19]

Folder: "Realizations of Usonia - Frank Lloyd Wright in Westchester" (1985)

Catalog publication to accompany an exhibition at the Hudson River Musem (February 3 - April 7, 1985).
[Box 19]

Folder: "The Chairs of Frank Lloyd Wright" (1987)

Catalog publication to accompany an exhibition at the Yale University School of Architecture (November 2 - 20, 1987). [Box 19]

Folder: "Frank Lloyd Wright" (undated)

Catalog publication to accompany an exhibition at the Kelmscott Gallery. [Box 19]

Folder: "In the Realm of Ideas" (1988)

Brochure containing program information for "Frank Lloyd Wright: In the Realm of Ideas" event at Center for the Fine Arts, Miami, Florida, December 18, 1988 - February 26, 1989. [Box 19]

Folder: "In Pursuit of Order: Frank Lloyd Wright from 1987 to 1915" (1989)

Catalog publication to accompany sale exhibit at Struve Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, December 9, 1988 - January 16, 1989. [Box 19]

Folder: "Important 19th and 20th Century Architectural Objects and Designs including Prints, Drawings,
Photographs, Books, Periodical, and Letters Related to Frank Lloyd Wright and other Chicago Architects"

Catalog publication to accompany auction at Leslie Hindman Auctioneers, Chicago, Illinois, April 21, 1990). [Box 19]

Folder: "Natural Pattern of Structure" (1991)

Brochure containing program information for "Natural Pattern of Structure exhibition and symposium at the University Art Museum, Nelson Fine Arts Museum, April 21, 1991 - June 23, 1991. [Box 19]

Folder: "Important Works by Frank Lloyd Wright and His Contemporaries from Domino's Center for
Architecture and Design"

Christie's auction house catalog publication for sale of June 12, 1993. [Box 19]

Folder: J. B. Muns Fine Art Books

Book lists dated 1990-1991, 1993-1996; and numbers 163, 168,172, 176, 179, 183, 204, 208. Correspondence and notes regarding Frank Lloyd Wright related periodicals and books Geiger wished to sell; miscellaneous correspondence related to other vendors of other Wright-related books. [Box 19]

Folder: Ginko Tree Bookshop, "Books on Frank Lloyd Wright" (1988)

List of Wright related publications. [Box 19]

Folder: Archival Records Brochures

Brochures for the Avery Index to the Taliesin Correspondence by Garland Publishing; and "Frank Lloyd Wright: Presentation and Conceptual Drawings," CD-ROM from Oxford University Press. [Box 19]

Folder: Mailings (circa 1980s - 1990s)

Event invitations, programs, and small publications related to various exhibitions, receptions, and seminars regarding Frank Lloyd Wright, his work, or colleagues. [Box 19]

Folder: Schumacher Frank Lloyd Wright Collection (undated)

Publication illustrating Schumacher line of fabrics, wallcoverings, and area rugs. [Box 19]

Folder: Sales Brochure: "Heinz & Co." (1990)

Letter from Timothy Cox regarding use of mailing list; and print sheets of Frank Lloyd Wright objects for sale from the gallery. [Box 19]