The Correspondents record group (1954-2010) contains documentation for correspondence with John Geiger by 39 individuals or organizations. The most important, extensive, and longest ongoing of these exchanges occurred between Geiger and longtime friend and fellow Taliesin Apprenctice Curtis Besinger from 1965 to 1997. Files also reflect continuing contact with Taliesin Fellows and many Wright historians. The content of a folder may consist of letters or email printouts, telegrams, postcards, manuscripts, photographs, publications, ephemera, and/or notes. The majority of the folders contain one or two documents related to research about the life and work of Frank Lloyd Wright.


Arranged alphabetically by last name or organization title.

Folder: Alofsin, Anthony (1993)

Contains a letter to John Geiger regarding research on Frank Lloyd Wright and publications by Alofsin.
[Box 5]

Folder: Beers, Peter (2007)

Letter regarding image scanning for the "Commentaries in Memoriam" website. [Box 5]

Folders (11): Besinger, Curtis (1965-1997)

Extensive correspondence with personal reminiscences and general critical analysis touching on Frank Lloyd Wright building designs, working in the Wright studio, experiences with the Taliesin Fellowship, and related individuals and historical events. Files also include lists, photographs, postcards, publications, and ephemera. [Box 5].

See also: Architectural Records, Recreation Pavilion for Filon Corporation (1959). Frank Lloyd Wright Research Materials: House Beautiful (April, 1960), "A Recognition of the need for Independence," by Curtis Besinger, pp. 144-151. [Box 40]; and House Beautiful (September, 1960), "Lessons We Are Learning From Japan," by Curtis Besinger, pp. 120-125. [Box 40]

Other references: Files containing 72 letters sent by John Geiger to Curtis Besinger can be found in the Papers of Curtis Wray Besinger collection housed at the University of Kansas Libraries.

Folder: Brierly, Cornelia (undated)

 Letter regarding John deKoven Hill. [Box 5]

Folder: California State Board of Architectural Examiners (1957)

Letters of reference for John Geiger in application for California architects license. [Box 5]

Folder: Cleary, Richard (2006)

Letter regarding research on Frank Lloyd Wright. [Box 5]

Folder: de Wit, Wim (2002)

Letter regarding possible donation of Geiger database to the Getty Research Institute. [Box 5]

Folder: Fairweather, Don (2010)

Includes biographical manuscript by Fairweather. [Box 5]

Folder: Federson, Phil (1982)

Includes samples of Taliesin related small press printings. [Box 5]

Folder: Firthian Press (2004)

Letter regarding possible book publication by John Geiger. [Box 5]

Folders (2): Friedland, Roger (2000, 2002-2005)

Correspondence regarding research conduction by Friedland for The Fellowship: the Untold Story of Frank Lloyd Wright and the Taliesin Fellowshipbook. [Box 5]

See also: Correspondents, Howard Zellman

Folder: Grant, Roderick (1998, 2003, 2006)

Letters referring to Frank Lloyd Wright and Taliesin experiences. [Box 5].

See also: Correspondence with Donald Hoffman, below.

Folder: Guerrero, Pedro (1997)

Letters concerning use of images for the Journal of the Taliesin Fellows publication. [Box 5]

Folder: Heaton, Maurice (1954)

Price list for art glass and sample image. [Box 5]

Folder: Hertzberg, Mark (2004-2010)

Letters regarding research on Frank Lloyd Wright buildings and general Taliesin history. [Box 6]

Folder: Heyman, Mark (1996-1998, 2000-2001)

Letters regarding research on Frank Lloyd Wright buildings and general Taliesin history. [Box 6]

Folder: Hoffman, Donald (1999-2000)

Includes a letter to Roderick Grant, see above. [Box 6]

Folder: Holzhueter, Jack (1996)

Letter regarding Frank Lloyd Wright drawings deposited by John Howe at the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. [Box 6]

Folder: Howe, Lu Sparks (1993)

Single letter. [Box 6]

Folder: James, George S. (1992, 1995)

Letter and trip information (1992); and one other letter (1995). [Box 6]

Folder: Kassler, Elizabeth (1985)

Change of address letter from John Geiger. [Box 6]

See also: Organizations and Associations, Taliesin Fellowship series, Directory of Members (1932-1982), published by Kassler.

Folder: Komanecky, Michael (1996-2010)

Letters regarding research on Frank Lloyd Wright's Zimmerman House, and related topics. [Box 6]

Folder: Kruty, Paul (2009)

Single letter. [Box 6]

Folder: Kutzera, Dale (2000, 2007)

Two letters. [Box 6]

Folder: Levine, Neil (1998-2001)

Letters regarding research on Frank Lloyd Wright. [Box 6]

Folder: Marty, Myron (2001-2007)

Letters regarding research on the Taliesin Fellowship . [Box 6]

Folder: Montooth, Minerva (1996, 2000)

Brief exchanges, concerning data for Taliesin Fellowship mailing lists derived from Geiger database. [Box 6]

Folder: Morosco, Gerald Lee (2006)

Single letter. [Box 6]

Folder: Munoz, Oscar (2007-2008)

Letters regarding drawings in the Frank Lloyd Wright Archives. [Box 6]

Folder: Murphy, Keiran [Mary] (2008)

Letters concerning Taliesin Preservation, Incorporated (formerly Taliesin Preservation Commission), and Curtis Besinger. [Box 6]

Folder: Pfeiffer, Bruce Brooks (1998, 2001)

Letters regarding drawings made for the 60 Years of Living Architecture exhibition (1954). [Box 6]

Folder: Quinan, Jack (1990)

Letter regarding the Journal of the Taliesin Fellows, and possible contribution to the publication. [Box 6]

Folder: Ringstrom, Paul (2009)

Letter regarding Taliesin Fellows Richard Haas and Tony Smith. [Box 6]

Folder: Schmidt, Tom (2002)

Letter concerning the Geiger database, including a copy of the letter of interest from Wim deWit at the Getty Research Institute. [Box 6]

Folder: Starosciak, Kenneth (2004-2005)

Letters regarding Frank Lloyd Wright books and ephemera being sold by John Geiger through a book dealer in San Francisco. [Box 6]

Folder: Storrer, Bradley (1998)

Letter regarding a Frank Lloyd Wright-related conference in Pittsburgh. [Box 6]

Folder: Stricker, Milton (1995-1996)

Letters, articles, news clipping, and Wright related ephemera. [Box 6]

Folder: Wong, Jackson (1999)

Letter regarding the Dance Pavilion at Taliesin West, and Curtis Besinger. [Box 6]

Folder: Zellman, Howard (2010)

Letter regarding research for The Fellowship: the Untold Story of Frank Lloyd Wright and the Taliesin Fellowship. [Box 6]

See also: Correspondents, Friedland, Roger