audio/visual media

The Audio/Visual Media record group is arranged into two series:

Series 1: Audio Recordings contains historical recordings of Frank Lloyd Wright, and recordings of Morton Delson, a member of the Taliesin Fellowship involved with the Guggenheim Museum and other Wright projects.

Series 2: Video Recordings contains an oral history interview with John Geiger regarding the construction the Zimmerman House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright; a broadcast television interview with Frank Lloyd Wright conducted by Mike Wallace; a video documentation of houses designed by architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg; and commercially produced documentary programs relating to Wright buildings, professional associations, and family relationships.

Series 1: audio recordings

Audio recording: Acceptance Speech by Frank Lloyd Wright at American Institute of Architects Gold Medal Award
(March 17, 1949)

Cassette tape [Box 27]. 78 RPM vinyl records [RCA D9-QC-10629] (4 disks) [Box 42].

Audio recording: Frank Lloyd Wright and Morton Delson (Fall, 1958)

Cassette tape. [Box 27]

Audio recording: Interiew of Morton Delson by Michael Komanecky (July 14, 1991)

Cassette tapes (2). [Box 27]

Audio recording: "Frank Lloyd Wright: His Living Voice" (1987)

Cassette tape. Companion recording to Frank Lloyd Wright: His Living Voice / Selected and with Commentary by Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer. Fresno, CA: Press at California State University, Fresno (1987). ISBN-10: 0912201134. [Box 27]

Series 2: video recordings

Video recording: Interview of John Geiger by Currier Museum of Art

An oral history interview with John Geiger concerning the construction of the Zimmerman House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, for which Geiger served as construction supervisor. Transcript. Formats: VHS tape; DVD; digital files. [Box 27]

See also:Transcript of interview

Video recording: "Frank Lloyd Wright: The Mike Wallace Interviews"

VHS tape; Arcehtype Associates (1994). [Box 27]

Video recording: "Wrightian's OA 10: Kendrick Bang Kellogg," Part 2

Second part of two part series. Narrated by the architect, this video documents the work of Kendrick Bangs Kellogg and includes a general synopsis of his work; focuses on three projects: Westway House, Landsberg House, Wingwalk House. Hollywood, California: Wrightian Association (1997). [Box 27]

Video recording: "Mysteries and Scandals of Frank Lloyd Wright"

VHS tape (1999). [Box 27]

Video recording: "Frank Lloyd Wright and His Inner Circle, A Grandson's View" (2008)

Biographical reminiscences of Brandoch Peters, Wright's grandson. DVD. [Box 27]

Video recording: "Magnificent Obsession: Frank Lloyd Wright's Buildings and Legacy in Japan" (2005)

DVD. [Box 27]