The Biographical Materials record group contains personal records, memorabilia, and artifacts related to John Geiger and his immediate family. The materials are arranged into 3 series:

Series 1: John Geiger contains personal and business documents, World War 2 service records, and memorabilia for John Geiger.

Series 2: Geiger Family contains a small amount of materials related to Geiger family members, notably his mother, sister, and brother, including an address book with contact and genealogical information concerning family relationships in Minnesota.

Series 3: Other Documents consists of stationery samples and research related to the desire of Geiger to be a writer in residence at Yadoo Place.

Series 1: John Geiger

Folder: Passport

Photocopy. [Box 25]

Folder: School records

Grade school report cards; graduation certificate from West High School (1939); college transcripts and certificate from University of Minnesota. [Box 25]

Folder: Yearbook, "The Hesperian of 1939"

High school graduation yearbook for John Geiger. [Box 25]

Folder: World War 2 Military Service Records

Daily bulletin for Cadet Basic Training Center, AAFTC, Boca Raton, Florida. [Box 25]

Drawing: Portrait (1946)

Colored pencil on thick paper portrait of John Geiger, signed "Borromeo," dated 7/8/1946, in Air Force uniform. [Box 40]

Folder: Publication, California Girl (March, 1970)

Issue contains "From Architecture to Antiques," regarding establishment of Propinquity retail store with biographical information about John Geiger. Illustration photography done on premises. [Box 40]

Folder: Taliesin Fellows Certificate of Appreciation

Presented on November 10, 2007, for service as founding publisher of the Journal of the Taliesin Fellows. [Box 40]

Artifact: Architectural Certification Plaque

California State Board of Architectural Examiners Certicate. [Box 42]

Artifact: Office Sign for John W. Geiger, Architect

Original sign for Geiger architectural office (circa 1970s). [Shelf]

Series 2: Geiger FAMILY

Folder: Mary Jeanne Schulz (grandmother of John Geiger)

Funeral service commemorative book for John Geiger's grandmother. [Box 25]

Folder: Dorothy A. Geiger (mother of John Geiger)

Funeral service commemorative book for John Geiger's mother; will; newspaper clipping announcing probate of estate. [Box 25]

Folder: Mary Jeanne Geiger (sister of John Geiger)

Correspondence concerning settlement of Dorothy Geiger estate (10/30/1964); final letter to John Geiger from Mary (4/4/1980). [Box 25]

Folder: Dudley Geiger (brother of John Geiger)

Birth certificate; service photograph (1943); life insurance policy for military service during World War 2; military base pass. [Box 25]

Folder: Geiger Address Book (1940s)

Probably belonging to Dorothy Geiger, given by sister Jean to brothers John and Dudley; contains some geneaological information as well as contact information for Geiger family and friends in Minnesota.[Box 25]

Series 3: Other Documents

Folder: Stationery Samples

Business cards for John Geiger, architect; and stationery for the Propinquity store. [Box 25]

Folder: Yadoo Place Research

Information and background on Yadoo Place, where John Geiger wished to take a residency to complete his writing projects. [Box 25]