Series 1: John Geiger and family

Documentation consists of black-and-white photographs of John Geiger and various members of his family, most dating from the late 1930s through the early 1950s; images from his time attending the University of Minnesota Department of Architecture; military service during World War 2;


Folder: John Geiger, Portraits (1930s-2011)

Portraits of John Geiger, including childhood images, high school, college, military service, Taliesin West, in military uniform, Christmas 1954, and 2011. [Box 26]

Folder: John Geiger, Graduating Class, West High School (1939)

Group portrait. [Box 26]

Folder: John Geiger, University of Minnesota Classwork (1939-1943)

Portraits of John Geiger, classmates, and architectural projects done will attending the University of Minnesota Department of Architecture. [Box 26]

Folder: John Geiger, World War 2 (1943-1946)

Photographs of training classes and classmates, and John Geiger while stationed at Biak Island in the Pacific theater. [Box 26]

Folder: John Geiger, Victor Gruen office (ca. 1950s)

Groups at work in an architectural office. [Box 26]

Folder: William Frank Geiger (undated)

Portrait of father of John Geiger. [Box 26]

Folder: Dorothy Geiger (circa 1950s)

Images of Dorothy Geiger, mother of John Geiger, and other family members in the family home in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Interior images show house remodel in 1954 by John Geiger. [Box 26]

See also: Architectural Records, John W. Geiger series, Residence of Mrs. Dorothy Geiger, alterations

Folder: Mary Jeanne Geiger (undated)

Portraits of sister of John Geiger. [Box 26]

Folder: Dudley Geiger (1939, 1943)

Portraits of brother of John Geiger. [Box 26]

Folders (2): Geiger Family Photographs (circa 1940s-1950s)

Portraits and group images (black-and-white). [Box 27]

Folder: Geiger Family Photographs (1950s-1960s)

Portraits and group images (color). [Box 27]

Folder: Party Snapshots (1950s)

Photographs taken at a party in Beverly Hills, California (circa 1950s), some with identifications. [Box 27]

Folder: Unidentified (undated)

Portraits of unknown individuals. [Box 27]

Folders (3): Faribault Trip (1990s)

Photographs and negatives of images taken during a trip by John Geiger on a visit to his hometown of Faribault and other nearby locations in southern Minnesota. Images of buildings and places significant or attractive to him, including the Farmer's National Bank (Louis Sullivan, architect) in Owatonna. Some of these images appear as illustrations in "Commentaries in Memoriam," Prologue. [Box 27]