My first thanks has to go to Frank Lloyd Wright for bringing to me an entirely new way of looking at, and appreciation of, architecture.

I need to thank Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer of the Frank Lloyd Archives for his publication of the 12 volume Monograph series which allowed me to survey the entire body of Wright work from the comfort of my desk.

I need to thank all the authors who have contributed to my understanding of Frank Lloyd Wright and his work; particularly Neil Levine, Jack Quinan and Don Hoffman.

I need to thank Oscar Munoz of the Frank Lloyd Archives for furnishing me with data from the archives.

I need to thank Roderick Grant for endless hours of conversation about Frank Lloyd Wright.

I need to thank Eric Allan, my computer consultant, for his patience in guiding me through that nightmare called a website.

I need to thank Mark Hammons for his diligent work in revising the original website design, editing my texts, and doing many otherwise unseen things to make these pages function better for the purpose at hand.

John Geiger
December, 2010