Organizations and associations

Series 2: Taliesin Fellows

The Taliesin Fellows as a term refers to men and women, generally former members of the Taliesin Fellowship, who retained a sense of group association with one another through their common experience at Taliesin and shared commitment to furthering organic architecture. Several chapters existed, essentially on a geographical basis, before being formed into a national framework during the 1980s. John Geiger was one of the original founding members of the organization, serving as first president and also publisher of a related periodical, Journal of the Taliesin Fellows.

The Taliesin Fellows series is arranged in five subseries:

Subseries 1: Membership and Events (1982-2011) includes event materials, correspondence, a directory of members, and a special printing of advice by Wright to young architects.

SubSeries 2: Taliesin Fellows Research Files (1980s-2005) holds biographical information related to 35 members of the Taliesin Fellows. These materials were accumulated over time by John Geiger, and most folders variously contain a few items of correspondence, manuscripts, ephemera, publications, newsclippings, and/or photographs.

Subseries 3: Biographical Questionnaires (1988, 1992, 1994) documents three distinct efforts to collect information about those who participated in the Taliesin Fellowship. The first was coordinated by Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer in 1988 on behalf of the Frank Lloyd Wright Archives; the second as a function of contacts made during the first Taliesin Reunion held in 1992; and the third resulted from a short questionnaire sent out by the Taliesin Fellows in 1994 as an issue (#16) of the Journal of Taliesin Fellows.

Subseries 4: Journal of the Taliesin Fellows (1990-2011) contains a complete run of the periodical published by the Taliesin Fellows from Spring, 1990 (Issue #1) through Summer, 2011 (Issue #37). The publication was dormant between Summer, 2000 (Issue #26) and Autumn, 2006 (Issue #27). The Journal is a significant source of documentation for architectural work by Frank Lloyd Wright and members of the Taliesin Fellows, commentary on organic design principles and relationships to the work of other architects, historical recollections of life in the Taliesin Fellowship, biographical information on individuals, book reviews, Taliesin Fellows activities, and related subjects. Supplemental materials include an index to the publication prepared in 1993 by Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture librarian Elizabeth Dawsari, and a small amount of administrative correspondence (1993-1994).

Subseries 5: Taliesin Fellows Newsletters (1999-2006) contains two distinct nfgewsletters directed toward the Taliesin Fellows membership, largely reflecting views and activities of groups in southern and northern California. The files contain an incomplete run of 11 issues of the Taliesin Fellows Newsletter edited by Bill Patrick that appeared between 2000 and 2006. Three issues of an earlier, separately published Taliesin Fellows Newsletter, Northern California (1999-2000) are also present.

Subseries 1: membership and events

Folder: Taliesin Fellows Event Materials

Notices, registration materials, and invitations concerning board meetings and fundraising events for the Taliesin Fellows; and a registration package with program and planned activities for an annual meeting held in San Francisco, California (September 22-24, 1996). [Box 8]

Folder: Correspondence (1993, 1995, 2001)

Subscription requests for the Journal of the Taliesin Fellows, and letters from Lawrence Brink concerning resignation by John Geiger from the organization. [Box 8]

Folder: Directory of Members, 1932-1982 (1982), and Supplement

Publications by Elizabeth Kassler, giving dates of presence in Taliesin Fellowship, location and contact information, and pocket biographies of many members of the Taliesin Fellowship from 1932 to 1982. The cover graphic was designed by John Howe. Much of the information presented in this directory and supplement was correlated by Geiger with other entries into his database. [Box 8]

Folder: Advice to the Young Architect (1991)

Homily by Frank Lloyd Wright reprinted in a folded banner format by the Taliesin Fellows.

See also: Reference to the distribution of this printing in the Journal of the Taliesin Fellows in "Commentaries in Memoriam," Episode 1: My First Summer at the Taliesin Fellowship.

SubSeries 2: Taliesin Fellows research files

Information related to individual members of the Taliesin Fellows, collected by John Geiger over the course of his studies. Files may contain correspondence, ephemera, publications, and photographs.

Folder: BABCOCK, Deirdre Treacy

Letter to A. Louis Wiehle on oral history, with attached manuscript titled "One Year with Frank Lloyd Wright: A Synopsis of an Oral History (1993). [Box 8]

Folder: BARBER, Gordon

Correspondence regarding East Coast apprentices (1993). [Box 8]

Folder: BENTON, John

Note to Fellows with attached article by Brendan Gill from The New Yorker titled "Pure Wright." (7/27/1992). [Box 8]

Folder: BERNOUDY, William A.

Obituary. [Box 8]

Folder: BRIERLY, Cornelia

Manuscript, "Tales of Taliesin"; note from Brierly to A. Louis Wiehle concerning editing. [Box 8]

Folder: CUSAK, Victor A.

Letter to A. Louis Wiehle about the Journal of the Taliesin Fellows (Issue #19) article by Mark Heyman, with note of additional archival resources for Robert Mosher. [Box 8]

Folder: ENDO, Raku

Correspondence from Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer regarding archival materials (1988). [Box 8]

Folder: FRITZ, Herbert, Jr.

"At Taliesin," publication by Fritz (undated), photocopied from book. [Box 8]

Folder: GRANT, Michael Alan

Correspondence with Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation about a name change (1988). [Box 8]

Folder: GREEN, Aaron

Article about house by Green for his wife built in 1976 that appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle (3/5/2005). [Box 8]

Folder: HOWE, John H.

Letters to/from Howe and Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer concerning request for information about drawings for projects (6/2/1988); email from researcher Jane Hession (6/18/2002), regarding Howe; newspaper clipping featuring Howe and hisBurnsville, Minnesota residence (11/29/1987); exhibit brochure, "John Howe in Minnesota: The Prairie School Legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright," Minneapolis Institute of Art (2000-2001).
[Box 8]

Folder: KARFIK, Vladimir

Letters to/from Eric Jenkins and John Geiger about Karfik; "The Karfik Tapes," transcription of audio interview of Karfik by Richard Carney, Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer and John deKoven Hill (1991). [Box 8]

Folder: KAUFMANN, Edgar J., Jr.

Publication: "Frank Lloyd Wright at the Metropolitan Museum of Art," by Edgar Kaufmann, Jr. (1982); obituary. [Box 8]

Folder: LARAWAY, Frank

Manuscript, "Nari's Rock," and two poems, recollecting life at Taliesin. [Box 8]

Folder: LAUTNER, John

Memorial service card (10/27/1994). [Box 8]

Folder: LIEBHARDT, Frederick

Letter to A. Louis Wiehle about the Journal of the Taliesin Fellows Issue #15, and attached list of architectural projects. [Box 8]

Folder: LOCKHART, Ken

Letter from John Geiger about the Journal of the Taliesin Fellows and personal update (1990). Box 8]

Folder: MATTHEWS, Peter

Biographical notes by Matthews, including Frank Lloyd Wright commissions in which he participated. [Box 8]

Folder: MAY, Robert

Correspondence with Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer, including reference to Iovanna Lloyd Wright (1988-1989).
[Box 8]

Folder: MOLNY, Robin

Clippings and magazine articles concerning his work [Box 8]; article on Nutting/Hansen House in Aspen, Colorado [Box 39].

Folder: PETERS, William Wesley

Letter from Peters to John Geiger (10/29/1986); obituary (1991). [Box 8]

Folder: PETERSON, Kenneth

Note from Peterson to John Geiger concerning a list of apprentices at Taliesin from May, 1947 through August, 1948. [Box 8]

Folder: PFEIFFER, Bruce Brooks

Correspondence related to the 1988 Biographical Questionnaire (1988-1989). [Box 8]

See also: Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Biographical Questionnaire (1988).

Folder: SHENG, Shao Feng

Photocopy of memorial presentation from Taliesin Fellowship to Shao Feng and Sheng Pao, with annotation by Shao Feng; newspaper clipping (10/21/1991). [Box 8]

Folder: STEVENS, Dennis

Letter from Marshall Erdman to Stevens, regarding property development in Spring Green, Wisconsin (2/10/1995). [Box 8]

Folder: SWABACK, Vernon

"Frank Lloyd Wright: A Personal Perspective," by Swaback (11/1988). [Box 8]

Folder: TAFEL, Edgar

Letter from Tafel to John Geiger concerning John Klein (4/26/1993), with attached newspaper clippings; Article, "Apprentice to Genius: Frank Lloyd Wright Remembered," House Beautiful (8/1979). [Box 8]


Obituary (5/3/1997). [Box 8]

Folder: WILLIAMSEN, Ralph N.

Responses to biographical questionnaire (1992). [Box 8]

Folder: WRIGHT, Eric Lloyd

Resume (undated). [Box 8]

Folder: WRIGHT, John Lloyd

Sales brochure for "Brickwood" estate designed by John Lloyd Wright. [Box 8]

Subseries 3: biographical questionnaires

Folders (46): Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Biographical Questionnaire (1988)

Brief format biographical survey and request for archival materials conducted by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation in 1988, with correspondence by Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer and Indira Berndtson; folders may contain biographical sheets, correspondence, biographical notes or typescripts, clippings, or ephemera. [Box 21]

Respondents include:

Aederi, Raja Kaufman, Edgar, Jr.
Amarantides, John Keding, Richard
Amal, Kamin Lautner, John
Barrett, Bruce Lee, Jack P.
Benjamin, Thomas L. Manny, Carter, Jr.
Biddle, Warren Miller, William LeRoy
Broward, Robert C. Mosher, Robert Keeler
Buitenkant, Irene Olds, Walter
Bush, Alfred Olson, Thomas H.
Cronin, George Edward Pfefferkorn, James
Dombar, Abrom Rasmussen, Robert R.
Dombar, Benjamin Schildroth, James
Etter, Peggy Schipper, Quinn W.
Fritz, Herbert, Jr. Schwarz, William J.
Gelbin, Allan J. Sheng, Shao Feng
Gill, Grattan Silder, Frac and Heidi
Gottlieb, Lois Stopes, Arthur Charles
Guderian, Roy Storrer, Bradley
Henken, David Tsuchiura, Kameki
Heyman, Mark Vardakoulias, Constantin
Hoffe, Andre Wallfisch, Lory
Holliday, Philip Zeitun, Samiha
Jackson, Foster  

Folders (2): Taliesin Fellowship Reunion Biographical Questionnaire (1992)

Detailed biographical questionnaire sent by the Taliesin Fellows to the Taliesin community, requesting personal and family details, work and teaching related to Frank Lloyd Wright projects and philosophy; attached materials may include resumes and biographical notes. [Box 8]

Respondents include:

Book, Carl E. Mauldin, Robert Lee
Brierly, Cornelia May, Robert
Cunningham, Wallace Morosco, Gerald Lee
Dombar, Abrom Patrick, William
Fletcher, H. Patterson Peterson, Kenneth Herbert
Gelbin, Allan Jacob Pfefferkorn, James
George, David Webster Stewart, Michael T.
Gottlieb, Lois Davidson Stoddard, Jeff
Green, Robert Storrer, Bradley Ray
Harkness, John C. Stricker, Milton
Hoppen, Donald Tenbrink, Howard J.
Keding, Richard A. Wallfisch, Lory
Laraway, W. Frank Wilver, David
Lee, Jack P.  

Folders (2): Journal of the Taliesin Fellows Biographical Questionnaire (1992)

Detailed biographical questionnaire sent by the Taliesin Fellows to the Taliesin community, requesting personal and family details, work and teaching related to Frank Lloyd Wright commissions and philosophy; attached materials may include resumes and biographical notes. [Box 8-9]

Respondents include:

Adams, Charles P., III Jones, Evine Fay
Amin, Kamal Kardatzke, Paul James
Anderegg, Ernst E. Kardatzke, Julia Nelson
Babcock, Deirdre Treacy Keding, Richard A.
Banks, J. Aubrey Kekuza, Masakiyo
Barrett, Bruce Knowles, George T.
Benedict, Fritz [Fred] Korman, Peter J.
Berndtson, Indira Liebermann, Daniel B.
Besinger, Curtis Lemmon, Lawrence C. [Larry]
Blair, Ruth T. Lockhart, Susan Jacobs
Book, Carl E. May, Robert Caroll
Brink, Lawrence R. McPheeters, Keith
Broward, Robert C.. Michael, Alan Grant
Buitenkant, Irene Mistry, Firoz Rustom
Cameron, James Mueller, Marilyn
Cantalupo, Catherine Nemtin, Frances [Polly]
Cortez, Hector Ramirez Novak, Daniel J.
Davis, Anne Barbrey Paterson, Charles
Dombar, Abrom Pfefferkorn, James
Dombar, Benjamin [Bennie] Posen, Simeon
Draper, Bruce Rosenbaum, Alvin
Duncombe, Jane Rtt, Peter
Erickson, Don E. Rourke, Joseph Franklin [Dr. Joe]
Gegner, Stephen Hughes Sarabhai, Gira
George, David W. Sather, John E.
Glenn, Igor Schildroth, James
Gottlieb, Lois Davidson Spangenberg, Leonard Reese
Green, Aaron G. Standish, J. Michael
Guyan, Samuel K. Stempel, Calvin L.
Hamilton, Scott D. Stewart, Michael T.
Hawes, Phil Stricker, Milton
Haynes, Ron Swaback, Vernon
Herold, Henry Thompson, Arthur Kimball
Hill, Norman P. Van Noy, LaDon D.
Hoffe, Andre Vardakoulias, Constantin
Hofmeister, Richard G. Watson, John Covert
Howe, John H. Wiegerinck, Maria Carmen [Carmina]
Howe, Lu Sparks Wilmoth, Stephen
Ingraham, Gordon  

Subseries 4: Journal of the Taliesin Fellows

John Geiger was founding publisher of the Journal of the Taliesin Fellows. Issues #1-26 were published under his hand. The publication was dormant from 2001 through 2005. The files contain a run of the publication complete until 2011. [Boxes 9-10]

Folders (3): 1990

Spring (Issue #1); Fall (Issue #2); and Winter (Issue #3).

Folders (2): 1991

Summer (Issue #4); and Winter (Issue #5)

Folders (4): 1992

Spring (Issue #6); Summer (Issue #7); Fall (Issue #8); and Winter (Issue #9).

Folders (3): 1993

Spring (Issue #10); Summer (Issue #11); and Winter (Issue #12).

Folders (3):1994

 Spring-Summer (Issue #13-14); Fall (Issue #15); and Winter (Issue #16).

Folders (2): 1995

Spring (Issue #17); and Summer (Issue #18).

Folders (2): 1996

Spring (Issue #19); and Winter (Issue #20).

Folders (2): 1997

Spring (Issue #21); and Summer (Issue #22).

Folder: 1998

Summer 1998 (Issue #23)

Folders (2): 1999

Spring (Issue #24); and Fall (Issue #25).

Folder: 2000

Summer (Issue #26)

Folder: 2006

Autumn (Issue #27).

Folders (3): 2007

Spring (Issue #28); Summer (Issue #29); and Autumn (Issue #30).

Folders (2): 2008

Spring (Issue #31); and Fall (Issue #32).

Folders (2): 2009

Winter (Issue #33); and Summer (Issue #34).

Folders (2): 2010

Summer (Issue #35); and Winter (Issue #36).

Folders (2): 2011

Summer (Issue #37); and reprint of John Lautner issue [#18], published in 2011 by the John Lautner Foundation (additional text inserted with original version of issue).

See also: References to detailed financial analysis and production cost information for individual issues of the Journal of the Taliesin Fellows can be found in reports for Geiger Database JGDBFULL.

Folder: Index to the Journal of the Taliesin Fellows (1993)

Compiled by Elizabeth Dawsari, Librarian of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture (January, 1993). [Box 10]

Folder: Miscellaneous

General correspondence (1993-1994); and grant information. [Box 10]

Subseries 5: Taliesin Fellows Newsletters

Two distinct newsletters directed toward the Taliesin Fellows membership, largely reflecting views and activities of groups in southern and northern California.

Folder: Taliesin Fellows Newsletter (2000-2006)

Edited by Bill Patrick; incomplete run (Issues #1-6, 8-9, 12, 22-23). [Box 10]

Folder: Taliesin Fellows Newsletter, Northern California (1999-2000)

November 25, 1999 (Issue #12); March 20, 1999 (Issue #13); and June 7, 2000
(Issue #14). Separate issue numbers from other Taliesin Fellows Newsletter, above. [Box 10]