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The query returns a list of abbreviations and descriptions that categorize the roles of individuals or institutions in connection with the Taliesin Fellowship, the Taliesin Fellows and subscribers to the Journal of the Taliesin Fellows (JTF), and other relationships within the extended Frank Lloyd Wright community.

Note: The column labels shown within the query structures are historical references only, and do not reflect the definitions used within the version of the database being served through the website.


Procedure MMTFIDSYMBOLS calls on Table MMTFID to produce a reference list of abbreviations and descriptors to categorize individuals or organizations in Colums [ID CODE 1] and [ID CODE 2] of Table MMTFNL. The codes are often concatenated. Geiger evolved this system of classification to enable complex distinctions to be made in including or excluding individuals in numerous query procedures.

The report format produced the following results:

AIA   1   American Institute of Architects
AO   1   Architectural Office
AS 1 Architectural School
AS   2   Associate not in residence: Architect, furniture, sculptor
BO   1   FLLW building; client name and current resident
BS   1   Bookstore
C2   2   FLLW Conservancy 1992, Manchester, NH attendees
DC   1   Deceased
DR   2   Taliesin Fellows Board of Directors
FA   1   Family Member, Wright
GD   1   "Gurdjieff People" from Mrs. Wright's group. Not apprentice.
GP   1   General Public
HF   2   Honor Fellow, employees of FLLW prior to '32 Fellowship
HH   1   Hollyhock House people
JS JS Journal of the Taliesin Fellows Subscriber
LAT   1   Los Angeles Times editorial response
LB   1   Library, public, not an architectural school
MU   1   Musician, summer resident
NP   1   Non print record
NX   1   Nixie, unknown or incorrect address
OP   2   Original '32 Apprentice
PG   1   Progeny, children of apprentices
PR   1   Press release recipients
R2   2   Fellows reunion 1992 attendees
RE   2   1987 Reunion attendee
SAH   1   Society of Architectural Historians/Southern California
SARA   1   Society of American Registered Architects
SP   1   Spouse of Apprentice or other
TF   1   Taliesin Fellow
TFCH   1   Taliesin Fellows Chapter
TFST   1   Taliesin Fellow, Student
TFTW   1   Taliesin Fellow, Foundation resident
TM   2   Taliesin Men, architectural personnel overlapping Fellowship
TQ   1   Taliesin [Frank Lloyd Wright] Quarterly referrals
TR   1   Taliesin Related; not an apprentice
TU   2   Tutor to Brandock Peters
WC   1   Web Membership
WSST   1   Taliesin West, Foundation Staff, not apprentices

The results of this procedure should also be considered in context with further clarification of abbreviations found of Table MMTFIDCODES.

This query is the same as PROCEDURE 2: MMTFIDSYMBOLS in Database JGDB10.

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