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The 60 tables accessible in the final version of the Geiger database are derived from two sources. The majority, __ tables, appear in the last copy of the database [named "JGDB10"] as it existed at the time of Geiger's death in 2011. These data structures were devised by John Geiger in the course of his studies of the architecture, family, and colleagues of Frank Lloyd Wright, and also to manage the inventory of his original Wright-related materials, library, art collection and other personal possessions.


A further __ tables were recovered from an older backup copy [named "JGDBFull"]. These tables were deleted from active use by Geiger circa 2001, and relate to his involvement with the Taliesin Fellows organization and his service as publisher of the Journal of the Taliesin Fellows during the 1990s. The descriptions provided in the related pages indicate the purpose and content of each table, including frequent note of relationships with other tables.

John Geiger anticipated the donation of his database to an academic institution as early as 1999. To this end he prepared a summary overview of the contents, and an appendix of "exhibits" that constitute an explanation of the most important table structures. Letters were prepared to send to the Getty Research Institute and the Avery Library in 2002, but in the end only the Getty was contacted. These documents also provide useful knowledge of Geiger's personal reasons for developing individual tables, as well as his frustration as the relationships between them stopped functioning when upgrading to new versions of the DataEase application.