Bibliographic Sources

The library accumulated by John Geiger over the course of his life constituted a principal source for his studies of Frank Lloyd Wright. In particular, books, journals, periodicals, and ephemera were examined for drawings and biographical information to be recorded by Geiger in his database. Although only books directly related to Wright were placed with his archival collection, the range of his intellectual interests can be examined in the inventories he maintained and annotated in various ways.



General Geiger Library Books, ordered by last name of author

The titles of books are generally not formatted here bibligraphic citations, but instead should be considered as arrangements of publication information. Titles may vary in format to include abbreviations or other shorthand expressions or be the result of joining multiple columns due to field length limitations in DataEase. There are frequently comments by John Geiger about the subject matter, historical relationships, or the monetary value of a given volume. This search shows the full range of interests developed by John Geiger in the accumulation of his library.

Frank Lloyd Wright Illustrations Indexes

Searches can be done on publications containing Frank Lloyd Wright project drawings to obtain a list of illustrations found within a particular source.

Publications by Frank Lloyd Wright

The library holds many first editions and rare printings collected by John Geiger over more than 50 years. Among these are a much treasured Wendigan edition autographed by Frank Lloyd Wright, as well as many first editions of Wright's other publications. This search presents only original materials written by Wright.

Books, Journals, Periodicals and Ephemera about Frank Lloyd Wright, ordered by last name of author