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New York City, New York

The architectural models and other three dimensional objects that were long kept in the Frank Lloyd Wright Archives are now in the holdings of the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). At this writing, over 115 images are available on their website. The MOMA collection also contains a variety of other Wright-related drawings, furnishings, architectural fragments, and publications. The links below lead to catalog description pages on the MOMA website for individual objects. The images shown here are provided for visual reference by MOMA; enlarged detail views with descriptive information can be found on the linked pages.

The MOMA holdings are arranged here in four groups:


AMERICAN: American System Built Houses for The Richards Company (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Moma American Built   American Built Model C3-2
Lithographs (14): Presentation renderings of a series of designs for the American Built Houses to present various models in different drawing formats, such as plans, elevations, and exterior and interior perspective views

BOGK: Frederick C. Bogk House (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Bogk House Carpet Drawing
Drawing: Carpet ornament detail drawing (1916)

BOOTH: Sherman H. Booth House (Glencoe, Illinois)

Drawing: Perspective rendering, scheme 1 (1911)

CHRISTIE:  Mr. and Mrs. James Bryan Christie House (Bernardsville, New Jersey)

Drawing: Perspective rendering from southwest (1940)

Drawing: Perspective rendering from east  (1940)

COONLEY: Avery Coonley Playhouse (Riverside, Illinois)

Coonley playhouse leaded glass window
Architectural fragment: Leaded Glass Panel (1912)

DANA: Susan Lawrence Dana House (Springfield, Illinois)

Susan Lawrence Dana house frieze panel
Architectural fragment: Frieze panel (1902-1904)

IMPERIAL: Imperial Hotel (Tokyo, Japan)

Imperial Hotel Architectural block fragment
Architectural fragment: Decorative block (1916-1922)

KAUFMANN: Edgar J. Kaufman House, also known as "Fallingwater" (Mill Run, Pennsylvania)

Fallingwater house model
Exhibition object: Model (undated)

MIDWAY: Midway Gardens (Chicago, Illinois)

Midway Gardens model
Exhibition object: Model (undated)

MILLARD: Mrs. George Madison Millard House, also known as "La Miniatura" (Pasadena, California)

Drawing: Perspective rendering (1923)

Drawing: Plan of first floor (1923)

Millard House Main Floor Drawing
Drawing: Plan of main floor (1923)

OBOLER: Arch Oboler Guest House, also known as "Eleanor's Retreat" (Malibu, California)

Arch Oboler Guest House Perspective view
Drawing: Perspective rendering (1941)

Arch Oboler Guest House Side perspective view
Drawing: Side Perspective rendering (1941)

Arch Oboler Guest House plan and front elevation
Drawing: Plan and front elevation (1941)

Arch Oboler Guest House plan and side elevation
Drawing: Plan and Side elevation (1941)

 PRICE: H. C. Price Tower (Bartlesville, Oklahoma)

MOMA Price Tower Model
Exhibition object: Model (circa 1952)

ROBIE: Frederick C. Robie House (Chicago, Illinois)

Robie house model
Exhibition object: Model (undated)

ST. MARK'S: St. Mark's-in-the-Bouwerie Towers (New York City, New York)

St. Mark's in the Bouwerie perspective view
Drawing: Aerial perspective (1927-1931)

UNITY: Unity Temple (Oak Park, Illinois)

Unity Temple Aerial perspective view
Drawing: Perspective and partial plan (circa 1929-1930)

WELLS: Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Wells House, project (Long Lake, Minnesota)

Stuart Wells house lower level plan
Drawing: Plan of lower level (1946)

Stuart Wells house upper level plan
Drawing: Plan of upper level (1946)

Stuart Wells house perspective view
Drawing: Perspective rendering, Plan of upper level(1946)


Andirons 1909
Objects: Andirons (1909)

Office Arm Chair 1904
Object: Office Arm Chair (1904-1906)

Arm chair 1925
Object: Arm chair (circa 1925)

side chair 1904
Object: Side chairs (1904)

desk 1936
Object: Desk (1936-1939)

Steelcase Office chair 1938
Object: Office Chair (circa 1938)

graphical designs

LIBERTY: Liberty Magazine Cover

Liberty Magazine Cover September Abstractions
September Abstractions, The DeseRT (1926-1927)

See also: additional cover drawinGS can be found in the Donald D. Walker collection at the Library of Congress (Washington, D.C.).

other Frank Lloyd Wright related materials

Tentoonstellung publication
Object: Publication: Architectuur, Frank Lloyd Wright, Tentoonstellung, by Hendrikus Th. Wijdeveld (1931)