Frank Lloyd Wright commissions


Frank Lloyd Wright had 685 known clients.  A given client may have commissioned one or several projects from the architect. This search approach sorts Wright projects alphabetically by the last name of the client, and provides links to project information and all related project drawings detailed in the database. Wright also produced a great deal of work for his own purposes, essentially as his own client. References to the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio in Oak Park, Illinois, Taliesin estate at Spring Green, Wisconsin, and Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona, as well as other more temporary residences and studios (e.g., Chicago, New York, Italy, Tokyo, Japan) will be found indexed under his own name.


CLIENT NAMES, ordered alphabetically

Ablin, Dr. George and Millie

House for Dr. George and Millie Ablin (Bakersfield, California) [1958]


Ackerman, Lee

Adams, Harry S.

House for Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Adams (Oak Park, Illinois) [1911]
House for Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Adams (Oak Park, Illinois) [1913]

Adams, Lee

House for Mr. and Mrs. Lee Adams, project (Saint Paul, Minnesota) [1956]

Adams, M. H.

Adams, Mary M. W.

House for Mary M. W. Adams (Highland Park, Illinois) [1905]

Adams, Mr. --

Wood and Plaster House for Mr. Adams, project (Highland Park, Illinois) [1904]

Adams, William and Jesse M.

House for William and Jesse M. Adams (Chicago, Illinois) [1900]

Adelman, Albert

Adelman, Albert (Ollie and Edie)

Adelman, Benjamin

Laundry for Mr. Benjamin Adelman, project (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) [1945]
House for Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Adelman (Phoenix, Arizona) [1951]
House for Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Adelman, project (Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin) [1954]

Adler, Arnold

Affleck, Gregor S. and Elizabeth B.

House for Gregor S. and Elizabeth B. Affleck (Bloomfield Hills, Michigan) [1939]

Allen, Henry J.

House for Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Allen (Wichita, Kansas) [Not given]

Alpaugh, Amy

House for Amy Alpaugh (Northport, Michigan) [1946]

Alsop, Carroll

House for Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Alsop (Oskaloosa, Iowa) [1948]

Amery, Nazam

House for Nezam Amery, project (Teheran, Iran) [1958]

Anderton, Nina

Anderton Court Shops (Beverly Hills, California) [Not given]

Angster, Herbert

House for Herbert Angster (Lake Bluff, Illinois) [1911]

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church (Wauwatosa, Wisconsin) [1956]

Anthony, Howard E. and Helen C.

House for Howard E. and Helen C. Anthony (Benton Harbor, Michigan) [1949]

Architectural Review

Arden, Elizabeth

Arizona Biltmore

Arizona Biltmore Hotel (Phoenix, Arizona) [1927]

Arizona State University, Tempe

Armstrong, Andrew F. H.

House for Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F. H. Armstrong (Ogden Dunes, Indiana) [1939]

Armstrong, Jessie

Arnold, E. Clark

House for Mr. and Mrs. E. Clark Arnold (Columbus, Wisconsin) [1954]

Ashton, Willard

Auditorium Building

Auerbach, Irwin

House for Irwin Auerbach, project (Pleasantville, New York) [1949]

Austin, Gabrielle and Charlcy

House for Charcly and Gabrielle Austin, "Broad Margin" (Greenville, South Carolina) [1951]